Gira products and systems are used in a wide variety of objects, including in private residential construction, offices and administrations, in education facilities and hotels. An impressive example: Berlin Central Station. In its function as a railway hub, it is one of the largest and most modern of its type in Europe.

It was opened in May 2006 after a construction period of approximately eleven years. It was designed by Meinhard von Gerkan from the Hamburg location of gmp. von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Architects.

Switch ranges


The Gira E2 switch range combines a highly reduced design with functional material and intelligent technology. It is available in four colours.


Standard 55

Gira Standard 55 offers quality with a wide range of options for basic installations. It consists of more than 300 functions for convenient, safe and economical electrical installation in three different colours.



As an alternative to conventional flush-mounted installation, the Gira E22 switch range offers the option of an installation procedure which results in a cover frame which is just 3 mm thick when installed on the wall. Gira E22 is available in the three materials stainless steel, aluminium and thermoplastic [pure white glossy].



The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The clear frame design is combined with selected surface materials of wood, shiny glass, various aluminium variants or glossy gold or chrome-gloss polished metal.



Colour diversity and a uniquely-round frame design are the striking characteristics of the Gira Event switch range. Green, aubergine, amber or an intensive blue allow unique interior design concepts.



Gira S-Color is the Gira design classic and is distinctive due to the round shape of its socket outlet and switch toggle. The frame variants and all the inserts of the switch range are available in the five colours, including pure white, grey, black, blue and red.



The Gira F100 combines simple and timeless elegance with exposed dimensions. The frames are available in five different design variants. In addition to the classic pure white and cream white glossy, the colours chrome, brass and platinum offer further possibilities for finishing architectural concepts with upscale standards.



Gira TX_44 is the perfect switch range for use outdoors or in humid rooms, but it also has a role to play in interior design.


Building technology

KNX system

Systematic intelligent building technology for the need-based use of lighting and heating, central control of light, blinds, ventilation, light scene management, saving energy and more.


Audio systems

Enjoying music in every room. Gira offers two system solutions in addition to the flush-mounted radio: the KNX audio system and the operating units for the Revox multiroom system.


Nurse call system

Thanks to its decentral and modular design, the Gira nurse call system is suitable for both very small systems and a large facility with various residential units or care wards. Depending on the size of the system to be installed, a central control unit is used for this purpose. In addition, Gira offers an emergency set for installation, e.g. in a WC suitable for the handicapped.


Push button sensor 3 Plus

The various connected bus functions can be controlled with the Gira push button sensor 3, such as externally saving and calling up of light scenes, switching and dimming lights and raising and lowering blinds. If requirements change, the push button assignment can be simply reprogrammed.



The Gira SmartSensor is a control and operating unit for the Gira KNX system at which all KNX functions can be conveniently controlled and regulated.


HomeServer / FacilityServer

With the Gira HomeServer and the FacilityServer the entire spectrum of both private and commercial building technology can be multi-functionally controlled in conjuction with a KNX system and complex system and process monitoring can be set up. Moreover, the Gira servers allow for the mobile control of intelligent electrical installation.


Control Clients

The Gira Control Clients are the central operating devices for the Gira HomeServer and the KNX installation in the house. With their brilliant touch displays, they enable simple control of the entire home technology with just a single finger.


InfoTerminal Touch

The Gira InfoTerminal Touch from the Gira KNX system is the central switching unit for intelligent electrical installations. The 14.5 cm [5.7"] TFT touch display enables intuitive navigation and provides an overview of the status of the entire building technology.


Licht- und Energiesäulen

Modern electrical installation for outdoor use: Gira light and energy profiles are water protected according to the protection type IP 44 and can be installed wherever additional connections are needed.


Door communication

Keyless In Keypad

The Gira Keyless In Keypad opens the door when a personal number combination is entered.


Door station

The Gira door station is installed in the 58 mm flush-mounted box in combination with the cover frame from the Gira TX_44 switch range. The basic devices are equipped with a microphone and call button, 1-gang or 3-gang.


Türstation Video

The basic devices of the Gira door station can be expanded with additional components such as a colour camera or an info module.



The Gira home station combines the classic hands-free system with convenient added value: The basic device with loudspeaker, microphone and call buttons can be optionally enhanced to include a TFT colour display and an additional push button for in-house calls.


Keyless In Fingerprint

Gira Keyless In Fingerprint is based upon a biometric system and uses what is possibly the oldest means of identification: the fingerprint. This is absolutely unique, a feature that together with the latest biometric identification process makes it unbeatable.


Gira VideoTerminal

Sophisticated design, unique dimensions: The Gira VideoTerminal is a home station with an especially large active 5.7" TFT colour display.


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